The Year In Flickr

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As anyone can tell, I used Flickr a lot in 2005. I signed up for flickr in 2004, but I did not use it much. That was back when I signed up for every social network site I knew of. I did not find that thing that made flickr special. A bunch of my friends were using flickr by the start of 2005, but laziness is a hard thing to overcome. I was taking a lot of digital photos, but I was not doing much with them.

In April of 2005 I went to a flickr party at Sylph*'s house. I spent the whole night talking to photographers. All of them were better photographers than I. Being there made me excited about the idea of sharing my photos. At that moment I knew what was cool about Flickr. I would be happy to share my photos with people like Wirehead and Pinhole. I also like being able to see their photos.

In Silicon Valley there are a good number of Flickr users. I inspired some to join and others to use it more. The more people that I know that use Flickr the cooler it is. I love being able to see everyone else's photos. I love that people use it in all different ways.

Flickr has become a window into my everyday life. You cannot see everything that is going on, but you can get some idea of how I live. My brother Sean told me the other day that he likes seeing my Flickr photos because they make him feel closer to me. When I hear that I know that I am doing one of the things I set out to do.

Flickr is the best new technology in my life for 2005. I do not see myself using it any less in 2006. If I buy a digital SLR camera it will be because of Flickr. I think this is a real killer app for digital photography. I think that camera companies should encourge the use of Flickr. I think it would sell more cameras.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's 2006 photos on flickr.


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