Annual Music Report

For the past couple of years I have been keeping track of the size of my music collectiong. I have been trying to pay attention to the way it grows. This is one of the things that I love about MP3s. Back in college I could only tell you how many albums I had. There would be no way I could figure out how long my music collection was.

It is totally possible that I currently have more music then I would ever listen to. Of course my collection keeps on growing. I keep getting new music. I would rather get a larger hard drive than delete any music. That means my music will grow for quite some time.

Size Songs
1-Jan-04 --- 28206
1-Jan-05 --- 36026
1-Jan-06 --- 41585

Size in GB
1-Jan-04 --- 123.74
1-Jan-05 --- 158.99
1-Jan-06 --- 181.31

Size in time
1-Jan-04 --- 78:04:31:04
1-Jan-05 --- 99:01:07:31
1-Jan-06 --- 144:02:05:25


I know this it too much music. If I listend to my music 24/7 for the next year I would only get throught the whole collection 2.5 times. I am still happy I own it. Maybe I need to outsource my music listening.


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