Suicide Bomber written in a journal.

I saw this story in the Mercury News. TheFBI questions jet passenger at S.J. airport. As the story goes the man wrote 'Suicide Bomber' in his journal and another passenger saw it. The other passenger said something to the flight crew. The flight called ahead to the airport and the FBI escorted the man off the plane. It looks like the guy was acting a little odd besides just writing something in his journal.

I do not blame anyone for the way they reacted. If the FBI or flight crew had this report and did nothing, it would be all over the news. I could imagine some idiot on a cable news channel yelling at someone asking them why they did not take action. I think that many actions in this life are taken to cover yourself.

I feel sorry for the guy. I have acted funny on airplanes plenty of times. It is not like it is the most calming environment. I used to write in my journal when I flew also. I could see myself wondering what would make a suicide bomber something like blow up a plane. I would hate for these kinds of things to get the FBI to take me into custody for a few hours.

I think everyone did the right thing. I am not going to get all up in arms about this being a police state. I do think it is sad that it has come to this point. No right thinking terrorist would be writing something like this in a notebook, but a nutjob might just. Nutjobs has done things like shoot John Lennon. I just wish it was not something that had to be a concern.


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