Travel-Blogue: Day One Hit the road

Ready to go
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I got up this morning not knowing if I was going to lave on my vacation today or not. I ended up extending my vacation a few days. I am not expected in Portland until Wednesday. I have enough vacation that I have to burn to take a couple of extra days. Today I decided it was the right time to get in my car and ride.

There is something to say about getting in your car and not knowing where you are going to sleep tonight. I like the idea of driving until you feel you have had enough. I had enough when I reached Springfield. (No need for a Simpsons joke).

Today was all about driving. That means it was all about me sitting alone thinking. I like the chance to be alone with my thoughts. There is nothing like driving to give you that feeling of being all alone. I cannot tell you all the things I was thinking about.

I do not like long drives as much as I used to, but I still like it more than most people. there is nothing like just setting out and driving.


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