Travel-Blogue: Day Three Why Portland

Portland Vacation: angel
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I asked myself yesterday why do I keep coming back to Portland? I only lived her 10 months. It is a pretty small chunk of my life. I have visited her four times in the seven years since I left here. No matter how many times I visit here, I still feel the pull to come back here. I would bet that I will come back here again in 2008. Maybe I will make it summer next time.

As soon as I got here I could feel what makes Portland special to me. There is an energy here that I just love. It is an energy I do not get living in San Jose. I do not see the same energy in San Francisco either. It is something I really feel in touch with. It is an energy that really speaks to me.

I think I keep on coming here because I have unresolved issues with Portland. I left here before I really wanted to. I do not regrete going to San Jose, but I still think I left Portland too soon. I came to Portland hoping to change my life. My life did change, but it changed in San Jose. Part of me wonders if that change would have been different if I stayed in Portland.

I know there were things about Portland I wanted to learn. I come back here hoping I can learn those things. I know there is no way for me to learn those things, but it does not keep me from coming back here and looking.

There is part of me that would love to live in Portland again someday. I know that day is not coming anytime soon. I am no where near ready to leave TiVo right now. I am not sure I will ever be able to get back here. I was talking with a friend about where he lives. He told me he would miss it if he left. I told him that just because you miss someplace, it does not mean that is the place you are meant to be. I guess I have to remember that.


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