Travel-Blogue: Day Two: camera bag

Portland Vacation: camera bag
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I am currently using my brother's old camera bag. I can only guess that It is from the 70's. I am not saying that it is a bad thing. It is a great bag for when I want to pack up all my stuff and I can leaving the bag in my car and take the camera with me. It works well when I ahve a central base.

When I got my laptop I realized I needed two laptop bags, one for around town and one for travel. They server earch perpose well, but they do not selve the other purpose well at all. I am finding the same thing is true for my camera.

I figure that I need two more camera bags. I need one page that can hold the camera, kit lens, extra battery, and extry memory cards. I know I have seen these bags around and it should be no problem to find.

The other bag I need is one that will fit both my laptop and my Nikon D50. I would like it be a messanger bag. I want there to be a compartment for my camera so it is not just flopping around in there. I just do not want to have to add another bag to carry around all the time.

Does anyone have any camera bag suggestions for me?


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