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Portland Vacation: Hawthorne
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If you are not playing attention to my flickr account you might know that I gave into my SLR Lust. I brokedown and bought a Nikon D50. I will admist that I have been spening more time shooting pictures instead of reading the manual. I am reading the manual in my spare time and when I have a question.

I got to Portland today with no goals and no agenda. There is nowhere I had to be. That is why I extended my vacation. I wanted to take some time to just veg when I got here. My spring vacation is always about just relaxing.

When I got here it was bright and sunny. The forcast for the next couple of days is overcast and rainy. I knew that I had to take advantage of this now. I knew that I had to go around the city and shoot some photos. I have to admit that I bought my dSLR so I could have it in time to take with me.

I went around Portland and shot a lot of pictures. Without really trying I almost filled up a 1GB memory card. I just want a couple of places and started shooting.

I learned a practical lesson today. My D50 makes it really easy to take lots of photos. The camera is fast and you do not have to wait long before you can take another. There is something very satifying about hearing the shutter. It makes me want to take more and more photos.

I am not sure if I should limit the number of pictures I take or not. It is hard to figure out which photo will look good on my computer. It seems like they all look good on my camera display.

Portland Vacation:
Originally uploaded by earthdog.


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