Plot Ninjas of very day life

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I just read a comment that Elkit wrote in my entry about being blocked.

Apr 20 2006, 12:57 pm

Or you could give this the NaNoWriMo approach, and just write anyway - you don't HAVE TO write the things you want most to write about. You can write about other things too, as a way of coming back in sideways. Plenty of plot ninjas and ideas to pick from in the forums.

Elkit [homepage]

I wonder if I have plot ninjas in my everyday life. Are there things I can write about that happen in my life but are not really connected to my life? Something that I can pull into the story of my life but are not a lie.

I guess I could write an entry about the dream where I went to play blackjack and the dealer would not let me play because she she knew I was going to lose. The only problem with that is that no one wants to read someone else's dreams.

Tell me if you think there are some real life plot Ninja's in my life.


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