Travel-Blogue: On and Off Rain

Portland Vacation: Commuter Statue
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

Thursday was just how I remember rain in Portland. It was raining when I woke up and still raining when I left the house. It had stopped by the time I got to Beaverton for lunch. It was just spiting when I got back downtown after lunch. I was chased inside a couple of times by the rain. By the late afternoon the sun was poking through the clouds. At night time it was raining hard.

For nine months out of the year in Portland it can rain at any time. On many of the days it rains it can also be sunny for a few hours. I remember everyone taking their coffee break at the same time so they could get some sun for a few minutes before having to get back to work. I also remember the rain coming down on me and seeing another part of the city has sun.

I am not sure what it says about me that I took my spring break some place colder and more rainy than where I live. I guess living in San Jose I do not feel the need to ad more sunshine into my life.


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