Travel-Blogue: Random Notes

Portland Vacation:
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Here are some notes I took during my trip. They do not add up to a real entry.


Band Name ideas:
-The Heat Killed Forest


My incomplete list of coffee, beer, and food stops.

Common Ground
World Cup at Powells
World Cup NW
Fresh Pot at Powells
Blue Moon Tavern
Hot Lips Pizza
Pizza Schmizza
Claudia's Sports Bar
McMenamins on the Columbia
Rib City
Tiny coffee
McMenamins on Broadway
Red and Black Cafe
Portland City Grill
Wired Coffee
Barley Mill Pub
Bridgeport on Hawthorne
Tom's restaurant
Kennedy School
Wired Coffee
Zach's Hot Dog Shack


This city has a mighty pull to it. The longer I stay here the easier it is to see myself coming back.


I feel relaxed. That is a sign this has been a good vacation. Work has not been stressful lately, but it is still good to get away. I do not plan on taking a long vacation this year. Tht means I have to take a number of small vacations. The key to small vacations is to keep them cheap.

I do not come to Portland because I have very specific plans. I come to Portland to just slack off. It is the perfect city to just slack off in. It calls out to me to come here and do nothing. If I did any less I would have stayed in Don & Jenna house the whole time.


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