What I like in music

To be honest, I think about music all the time. I try to listen to at least two hours of music everyday. I used to average about 4 hours of music a day, but that has been a little less lately. If I am working on my computer I want to be listening to music. If would listen to music at work if I could. I am always looking for new music to listen to.

Peter, Eric, and I talk about music a lot. I know that we all like different things about music. Peter is always pointing out the fact that I like whinny guys with guitars. I know this is disparagement coming from him. I usually respond to him by asking why does he like novelty music so much. Why else would he put Ozzy Osborne version of All The Young Dudes on a mix.

1) Lyrics - For my whole life lyrics have been the most important part of the song to me.
2) Sound - The first few notes of Kissing the Lipless by The Shins make the hairs on my arm stand on end.
3) Connection - Does is say something I understand
4) Emotional Honesty - I hear a song that the person has to perform, that is the truth to me. They have to play it or they would go insane. That touches me.


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