I just saw Brick Saturday afternoon. I was very excited when I saw the preview. I like film-noir, high school, quick dialog, and overly stylish movies. The reviews and the word of mouth confirmed what I thought I saw in the preview.

I was very disappointed in this movie. I walked away from the movie asking myself, "was that it?" First of the plot moved very slowly. It was almost painful to see it play out. It was a story about a high school boy getting into a world he did not know anything about. I was waiting for the movie to show you that world. You see very little of that world and what you see is from an arms length.

I like over stylish dialog most of the time, but I think it hurt this movie more than it helped it. I think it caused the actors to flatten the emotions of the actors. I think the language got in the way in too many scenes. I do not have a problem that no one really speaks this way, but the actors did not make the language seem natural to time. The words clanked around coming out of there mouths.

There is a better high school film-noir movie to be made. I have no doubt about that. This movie is worth seeing, but don't believe the hype. Put it in your movie rental queue and forget about it. Maybe it will be better if you are not expecting anything from it.


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