My Problem with my HDTV

I have recently purchased an HDTV. I bought a Vizio LCD from Costco. After a few hours I could pick out my number one problem with my HDTV. Standard Definition television look like crap on it. Both the standard definition signal from my cable box and from my TiVo boxes. The picture quality is just poor. I know I did not buy a high end TV, but it was still a nice price. It was enough money that I am upset about how the regular television signal.

I keep on hearing that this year is the year HDTVs will break out. I keep on hearing how there is a pent up demand for HDTVs. Soon the prices will come down and people will be buying HDTVs like mad. I am not sure that any of these predictions are correct.

I only get about 12 channels in HD. Most of those channels are not HD all the time. Some of the are standard definition for most of the day. I think the pictures for the channels will have to be better before people start going crazy for HDTVs. I watch a lot of cable channels, but I get very few in HD. I would like TNT, Spike, USA, Cartoon Network, and Comedy Central in HD. I do not think my cable company is in a rush to get these channels to me in HD.

I like my HDTV. Baseball and Basketball both look great in HD. I am just not sure it is really worth the money. If I did not work for a consumer electronics company I am not sure I would have HD. I am not sure what this will mean for the future of HDTV and products like HD-DVD.


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