abazab playbox

I have been playing with Abazab over the last couple of days. Really, I have been playing with shooting video with my phone and trying to post it to Abazab. I have had my phone for a few weeks, but I have only now started taking videos.

Check out my abazab playbox. For right now I have it on my home page. I know what home pages are old ideas. No one has home pages. I am just putting it there until I figure out what to do with it. I am not sure where to put it so people will see it. I might just have to put it a couple of places.

I learned about abazab from MJ. It is in beta right now, we have to give it a little leaway if things seem strange.

I am not sure what I should put up on Abazab. Right now I can only get 15 second clips from my phone. Fifteen seconds is cool, but there is not that much I can do with it. I could post little things everyday. If it cool enough that I am thinking of getting a web cam. It is someplace I could post video content and share it with other people.

Tell me if there is anything you would like to see me publish.


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