I went to a San Jose Blogger meetup hosted by Steve Slone, AKA the Pizza Cast. It was a fun time. We talked about a ton of topics in the two and half hours.

Steve said that he owns the term SJSU Tech. He meant that he is the number one search that comes up for this term. I find this to be an odd claim. Even if you are the number one result for a search, it does not mean you own the term. You have almost no ability to control those results. You might find a way to game the search engine so you come up first, but the company who owns the search engine can change the rules.

Steve is the number one result for Google, but he comes up beneth the paid results for Yahoo. I know that lots of people will say that google is the only result that matters, but I think that is short sighted. Who knows what Google will do tomorrow. They could also take money for this term in the future.

As for other results he is way down the page for Techorati, no result for Del.icio.us or Flickr, Wikipedia has a bunch of gibberish.

Steve does have power over the term SJSC Tech, but I am not sure he owns it. It would be possible for other people to steal that term away if they wanted to put the effort into it.


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