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At the Meetup I was playing with a Lensbaby. It seems like a cool lens. I am not sure what kind of photos I would be able to take with it. I have the feeling I would not be in focus most of the time.

A Lens Baby is kind of an accordion lens. You put pressure on the lens to adjust the focus. It is tricky to do while you are holding your camera. The idea is that you could get photos you would not get any other way.

I think it is pretty cool. Part of me wants to buy one. I think it would be great to play with a toy like this. There is another part of me that says I should buy a lot of other photo gear before I get that. I am not sure what my photography means. I am not sure where I should put my money and my effort. Should I just play around or should I try to improve my photographic technique?

If anyone wants to buy it for me as a birthday gift I would be more than happy to accept it.

Lensbaby Reviews: Photoblog 2.0


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