The other night I thought I had an epiphany about my life. There was this pattern in my life that was right in front of me. I seem to only ever do enough to get by. Over and over again I can see this. Even the way I eat is a result of not taking enough time and only doing what I need to do.

The next day at lunch I talked to Eric and Peter about this. They told me that I had said this before. About two years ago I said this to them at lunch. I do not remember saying it to them, but it makes total sense. I trust them and it does seem like something I would say.

At the end of lunch I coined the term Repiphany. It is when you have an insight that seems amazing, but you are reminded that you had this insight before and just forgot. This seems to be something that totally makes sense in my life. It was not going to take me long before I was out of original ideas.

This also makes sense from a self-help idea. The self-help book industry figured out that self-help book buyers keep on buying books on the same subject every 18 months or so. I guess they never really get the help they need.

I would like to think that I can break this pattern. I want to think that I can really change myself so I put effort into my life. I am just not sure where this motivation is going to come from. I do not have it as of today.


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