Comic Con 2006: Amelia Rules

Comic Con 2006: the books
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Jimmy had his best comic con ever. He was surprised at how many books he sold. Comic Con was the debut of his new Amelia Rules graphic novel, Super Heroes. It was also the release of the hard cover editions of his other two graphic novels. The hard bound editions are beautiful. They have that feeling of what a kids book should be. People were just snatching up those books.

I hung out at Jimmy's both a lot during the show. The other people at the Kids Love Comics! booth were great. He even let me sit behind the table when I needed to take a load off my feet. It was good to have a place to stash my stuff.

Comic Con 2006: Amelia Rules

It was good to see Jimmy. We had dinner together on Saturday after the convention. I am happy that I can have friends from the old days but our relationship is not about the old days. I hope that Jimmy can break the bank with the new graphic novel.


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