Comic Con 2006 was F'N Metal

Comic Con 2006 is F'N Metal
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On Saturday at Comic Con I got a little bored taking pictures. I wanted to find something tun to do. I was alone so I could not pose with the people in costume. I wanted to do something I could make a Flickr Set out of. I kept on seeing the Jesus is Metal shirts. I thought to myself it would be cool to ask people in costume to throw horns like heavy metal.

I got great reactions from most of the people that I asked. A few said no and few did not understand. For the most part the people in costume thought it as a great idea. Some of them really rocked out.

The pictures that look the best are the people who totally broke character to throw horns. I think that is the spirit of metal. The problem is if you do not break character you ended up looking like you are casting a spell like Dr. Strange. Comic Con 2006 is F'N Metal For my money, Dr. Strange just is not metal.

I was really hoping to start a meme with this. I know other people saw me doing this, but I have not seen people I don't know post photos like this. I also was hoping someone would Boing Boing this set or somethings. It looks like I had no such luck. I will have to get more of these photos next year. Maybe If I work at it long enough it will become a meme.


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