San Jose Fireworks:
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

My photography has hit a wall lately. I have not been that happy with the photos I was taking, but I did not know where to go to improve them. I know lots of people who take photos but we rarely talk about how to take good pictures. We do not chat about technice. When they do talk about taking photos, most of it goes over my head. It clear that they expect everyone is talking from the same level of knowledge. Often I am too shy to speak up and make them explain in more detail.

Another problem is that I have a really hard time learning from books. There are lots of books about digital photography. I have read a couple of them. The problem is that I do not retain that knowledge. I have never been a book learner. I have always been better at retaining lectures.

Last night I took fireworks photos with wirehead and Digital Trav. These are some of the best photos I have taken in a while. I would not have shot pictures this good without talking with them about the settings. They gave me lots of ideas to try.

I need to go on more photo shooting events with the SV Flickr Folks. I think that is the best way for me to learn about photography. I think I can really learn if I am asking questions while I am taking the photos.


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