The Oddest Thing

Old Friend
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The oddest thing happened to me last night. A woman walked up to me and said she knew me. I looked at her and drew a total blank. She said that we went to Millersville University. together. At that point I totally remembered her. Ok, not totally, I drank way too much beer in college.

I never run into people I went to college with. Milliersville has about 7000 undergrad students, putting on the small side of medium. It is a state college and the type of place where you go to and come back to your hometown. You might end up in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. It is news when someone ends up in NYC. The last time I saw an alumni map there were 50,000 alumni in Pennsylvania and Maryland combined, 47 in California.

We talked for a little while. She said that she grew up in the Bay Area and she knew she was going to live here again someday. She is working for atom films. When she sends me an e-mail I will update this entry. I can remember her name, but I cannot spell it.

Since I have moved out to San Jose she is only the fifth person I have seen from Millersville. I think I have only seen twice that number people from Millersville since I left school. I have never seen it as a place in my life that I need to keep connecting to. Being on the west coast makes that easy.

This week I will be seeing my first college roommate. I had three that lasted any length of time. We are still good friends. We will talk about college and the people he still keeps in touch with. I have a really bad memory about college. There are lots of stories that I do not remember at all. It will be good to see Jimmy, but I do not care all that much about reliving the past.


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