Turnaround Road

Diane Cluck
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

I went to see Diane Cluck last Thursday in San Francisco. She played at the Rickshaw Stop. It was a great show. I am always amazed at her raw emotion when she plays songs live. I like her music because it feel so emotionally honest. That honesty really comes through when she plays life. I feel a connection with her through her music. that connection seems real when I see her live.

She did not play that long. I was hoping for more. I would like to see her do a two hour set. She could have played all five of her albums from start to finish and I should would have wanted more. She is the only person on stage, so that would have been hard.

At the end of the show she asked what we wanted to hear. I shouted out Turnaround Road. Just before she played this song she waved at me and said that she knew who called out for this song. She remembered me from the show in Portland I saw her at back in 2004. I felt a chill go down my spine as she played. It was just perfect.

After the show I tried to talk to Diane, but I was totally a fan boy. I told her she would always have fans on the West Coast if she came to play here.

I just wish I had a better photo to put here.


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