Vacation Day 1: Giants v. Phillies

Meeting On The Mound
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I started my vacation before I was planning to leave town. When I originally set up my vacation I was going to use friday to surprise my girlfriend with dinner before I left town. Since I do not have to worry about having a girlfriend currently, I was on my own for the first day of my vacation.

My team is in town. The Phillies are here to play the Giants. I was worried that I was going to miss them because they were coming to town at the same time as my vacation. I ended up being in town even after my vacation started.

I was going to go into San Francisco early and take some pictures. I had the day off, I might as well get some use out of it. Because of a late start and poorly used time my day of photography turned into just a trip to Amoeba records and a little drive around the city. I am great at wasting time.

I got to the game early, but I could not get into the stadium. There was a mix up and the ticket I had was no good. I had to wait for Antwon and Ealasaid to get there. The mixup come out in my favor because I got a seat 10 rows behind home plate. I did not get my usual pre-game photos. I got to my set right before the first pitch.

The game was pretty good, except for the Phillies melting down for one inning. That is all it took for them to lose. The Phillies have lost most of the games I have seen them play in San Francisco.

After the game I went to the Valley Schwag party. It was an okay party. It was too hot, too crowded, and too many guys. The women were cute, but the odds were 4:1. Those are not good odds for me.

That is a pretty good first day of vacation.


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