Vacation Day 3: The Drive

Empty I-5
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I have driven from San Jose to San Diego several times now. I have done it enough to say that I know the drive. This year Andrew is coming to comic con with me. This is the first time I have done the drive with another person.

Taking a long drive with another person is different that taking it alone. Andrew and I talked the whole time. We never ran out of things to talk about. The trip was a constant conversation. The miles just flew by. I think I did not speed as much because of the conversation.

In the past I have liked the solitude on this ride. I did not miss the solitude this time. It has been years since I have taken a long drive with anyone. I have missed taking these types of trips with my friends.

I love conversations on the road. You really have nothing to do but sit and talk. I am known as the kind of person who loves to talk. There are few things better than really good conversation. Andrew is a good match for this idea. He can talk just as well as I can.

It took us about 8 hours to make it from San Jose to San Diego. We made good time and we only spent about an extra hour in Los Angeles traffic. It felt great to get here. I even found Steve's place without directions, I left the directions at my computer.

We did not do much once we got to San Diego. The drive took a lot out of us. It is funny that driving takes a lot out of you. You are just sitting down, but it it not as easy as it seems.


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