Vacation Day 4: Around San Diego

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I spent much of day four driving around San Diego. I know it is a large geographic city, but I never really realize how large until you drive around. It is not just that it is large, it is also geographically diverse. The different parts of the city look different, you do not see that in all cities. I like cities that are more than one place. I think it makes for a more interesting city.

I wonder how many people come to San Diego for Comic Con and never see all those other parts of the city. I would guess a lot of people that come here for San Diego never get out of downtown.

Every time I come to San Diego I wonder if I could ever live here. My current idea is that I could live in San Diego if I had to. If I had a job down here it would be

mini golf

In the evening we decided to go miniature golfing. I have not gone miniature golfing in years. We keep on talking about going miniature golfing in San Jose, but we never do. Maybe I should suggest it as a flickr outing.

Going miniature golfing reminded me of when my family would do it down the shore in Delaware. It is a very vacation thing to do. Going put a big smile on my face. It might have been the best round of miniature golf I ever played.


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