Vacation Day 5 - Resting

San Diego Beach:
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

I know there are some big days coming up on this vacation. With day five I decided not to do much. I slept in late, went to lunch with Steve, and had nothing planned for the day. It seems like a perfect vacation day.

In the afternoon I decided to head to Mission Beach and take some photos. It should surprise no one that Photography is a big part of this vacation. I plan on taking a couple thousand photos without really trying.

I love the beach, but I never vacation there. I think I never vacation at the beach because I never have anyone to go to the beach with. I think the beach is a really hard vacation to take on your own. I think it is a social vacation place. All of my social vacations I am going to visit people. My friends who live near the beach are not really interested at being tourist at the beach.

This makes me wonder why I do not have friends who take vacations together. I can say that I am not one of those people who are asked to take vacations with them. I wonder if that says anything about me. The visit makes me think that I should rent a beach house in San Diego sometime.

I did have a good time at the beach. I only spent about two hours there. I walked around and took a lot of photos there. There is something that draws me to the beach, but I seem to try to resist it.


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