9/11/01 to 9/11/06

It is the 5th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. It feels like we are still in that moment in time. September 11th was the start of something and we are still in that event. It does not feel like I am really looking back at those events. There is so much going on that is still connected with these attacks. I feel like I cannot really look back, because there are so many things that are not over.

I cannot remember the last week that I have not heard about 9/11. I think it has to get to this state before it becomes the past. It is hard to get to a place where you are not thinking about it all the time but it is not forgotten either. I am worried that is going to take us a long time, longer than is healthy.

I am not sure when these things will feel like the past and not the present. I am not sure if it is the Iraq War, Middle East Conflict, al-qaeda, or the general feeling of conflict between Islam and the West that keeps this feeling going. Maybe the feeling will change once we have a new President.

For now I am looking back, but it does not feel like the past. I will let everyone know when it feels like the past to me.


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