Bad is Good

I saw this story on how bad habits can help your career. I think this is funny. I work for a company that is all about TV. I have had a TV in my cube for years now. This year I have been playing Fantasy Football as part of my job. Understanding Flickr, blogging, and the Web 2.0 has helped me in my job. My job and my hobbies seem to go hand in hand at time.

For a few years I have said that my laziness helped me at my job. My laziness would help me and customer support be more efficient. Being lazy keeps me from over working problems. People can really waste time when they do not know what is important. It is a waste of resources to be prepared for everything that could happen. My laziness has helped me figure out what is worth customer support spending time on. I think that this is a bad habit that has been good for my career.


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