Chinese Democracy

I have been thinking about the legendary let to be released Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy. Axl Rose has been working on this album that it will never be released. I think I heard about this idea back when I was in college. Could that be true?

Chinese Democracy has been in production for almost nine years at a cost of over thirteen million dollars, making it the most expensive album ever recorded.

Part of me wants this to be the best album ever. I want it to come out and blow people's doors off. I want it to be unlike anything people expected. I doubt that could even happen not. My guess is that the best this album can be is a small disappointment.

I wonder where Axl went off the tracks with this album. Is there an idea in his head that I cannot find in the rest of the world? Is there a sound in his head that is nowhere else? I wonder if he is just making some other mistake.


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