Grey's Anatomy

I have been thinking about Grey's Anatomy lately. It has been one of the best shows of the last couple of year. The show is in my top five list with, The Wire, Battlestar Galatica, CSI, and My Name is Earl. I am a little upset the moved the show from Sunday night. It was a little piece of comfort viewing before the weekend ended.

What I liked about the show is how it is more like a high school drama than it is like a medical drama. The medical stories always serve the purpose of the relationship stories. There is something about a high school shows about adults that are always fun.

In the season premiere one of the characters said that doctors are socially underdeveloped. After four years of High School, four years of College, and four years of Med School, they have not done anything with there lives. It is like high school with scalpels. I just about fell out of my seat when this was said. I am happy the show knows what it about.


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