I know the Metro Sucks, but I read it anyway.

Last Wednesday the Metro had a cover headline of Mommies Vs. Feminists. I was excited when I saw the headline. I was very disappointed when I read the story and found out it was a story about how Mommybloggers and Sexbloggers don't get along and how it played out at blogher. The story makes it sound like two groups of narcissists don't like each other. I am so surprised.

I was disappointed because there is a real issue about a school of feminists saying that this generation of stay at home Moms betraying the cause of working women. Linda R. Hirshman and her book Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World are an example of that school of thought. I think stories about feminists who are stay at home moms and feminists that think stay at home moms are bad for working women would be an interesting story. Those are the conflicts that I want to read about.

I was at a party a few weeks ago with a woman who railed against stay at home moms. She told us if this kept on happening women would lose their seat in Ivy League schools. I cannot agree with her, but she was confident about that. I told her that many of my friends left the work force because for many people corporate jobs are soul crushing. Many of them found out that they are not going to get to get to the level of an vice-president. She is a vice-president, but she did not agree with me about working being soul crushing for people. It was a crazy conversation.

I have 30-something friends who have decided to be stay at home moms. The ones I know enjoy it at least as much at they enjoyed working. I think they are pretty lucky they the can afford to be stay at home moms. Most people around the country cannot do that. If you can afford to stay home with your kids, more power to you.

On some level these arguments feels like the feminism of the elite to me. These arguments will do nothing for the women who cleaning hotel rooms, getting poverty wages at Wal-Mart, or working illegally house keepers. These are the people who could use feminists working for their advancement.


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