In Perspective

In the Mercury News today there is a commentary by Ted Galen Carpenter titled Keeping the Al-Qaida Threat in perspective. (the website has a different title for it). Lately the Bush Administration has been comparing "Islamic Fasists" to Nazis and the Cold War. The administration has received some heat for this, but few people have put together good arguments for why the administration is wrong.

I think that Ted Galen Carpenter makes some good points. During World War 2 Germany was the Second biggest economic power in the world. During the Cold War the Soviets were the Second biggest military power. I am not sure how you can determine Al-Qaida's power, but they are not that powerful. Even if they took over the whole Middle East, they would not be this powerful.

I heard Louise Richardson speak about the September 11th attacks on KQED Forum. She wants to remind everyone that every year six times as many people die from drunk drivers every year than died in the September 11th attacks. The number I found for 2002 was 17,419. People do not talk about outlawing drinking. I do not think people see it that way.


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