Review: Two thumbs down for Unbox

Check out the CNN Review of Amazon Unbox. This review is not good for Amazon.

You can watch the movie at home or at the office, but the license agreement prohibits you from watching it in 'hotel rooms, motel rooms, hospital patient rooms, restaurants, bars, prisons, barracks, drilling rigs' and certain other locations.

Sometimes it takes a new technology like video downloading to make old technology, like renting a DVD from Netflix (Charts) or Blockbuster, look really good. In comparison to Unbox, a DVD rental is faster, cheaper, easier, more flexible, and delivers more choices and a better picture.

The review talks about how it takes a long time to get the program, how the quality is not as good as a DVD, and how restrictive the DRM is. I think that this is going to be the problem with download services for a while. I hope that these drawbacks get figured out before illegal downloads break the market.


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