Rory Stewart

A few weeks ago I heard Rory Stewart on Fresh Air. He is a British diplomat and journalist who worked for the provincial governor in post-invasion Iraq. He wrote book about his experiences. I have not read his book yet.

He said a few things in the interview that I cannot get out of my head. One was about complaints about the Bush administration lack of planning for Post-war Iraq. He thinks that people put too much faith into planning. Very often plans do not survive the first few minutes of battle, he thinks that is the same is true for post war also. The US made mistakes right after the invasion, but these mistakes were not decisive. Even if people put more into planning, Iraq would still be a mess. He thinks it is a dangerous distraction to focus on the errors of the administration. He thinks we should not attack in the future.

He also thinks that the only way Iraq can function is for Iraqi leaders to make it work. The US and British to get out of the way. We step in too often and keep the Iraqis from working it out. This is the best argument for withdraw I have heard to this point.


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