San Jose Weblogger Meetup

San Jose Weblogger Meetup:
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I went to the San Jose Weblogger Meetup on Thursday. There were not that many people there, but we had a good time.

The writer of épanouie was there, but I cannot remember her name. I do remember that she has only been blogging for a week and she is an Astros fan. I am not sure how long the average blog lasts, but I hope she keeps it up.

Stephanie was talking about all the attenion she got about her entry How to explain RSS the Oprah way. I think this is more of a sign if you use Oprah's name to something it explodes. I am wondering if people my age are naming there daughers Oprah.

Steve Slone and CA McCune were talking about how blogging effected the outcome of the SJSU v. Skype. They were talking about a possible academic paper on the whole event.

At the meeting that asked for people to think about topics that would get more people to show up. Here we go with a few things

Conversation Topics: How do LJ, MySpace, and Vox fit into the blogging world
Guest topic: Demographics of Blogging -Who is writing and reading blogs
Blogging Tool: Technorati
What has worked well for me: Guest Bloggers and Sweeps Week

San Jose Weblogger Meetup:


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