Blame Fat People

Everyone likes to play the blame fat people game. It does not matter how or why, we are an easy target. In a country like the US it is easy to see fat people as the example of everything that is wrong with this country.

That is how we get studies about how Weight gain means lower gas mileage. I have a lot of questions about this study. I know that it is simple physics that the more weight the more energy it takes to move. I am not confident at the efficiency of cars that they are generating just enough power to move the weight in the car.

Why don't we talk about how overpowered cars are. why don't we talk about how much poor driving habits drive down MPG. A leaded foot driver with a sports car is going to burn a lot of gas no matter how much they weigh.

I know I am heavy, but I also bought a small car. I am burning less gas in my Toyota Corolla, 2530 pounds than a 160 pound man in an average car (3087 pounds) or average light truck (4257 pounds).

I guess that story would not be as sexy to write.


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