First Muslim U.S. Congressman?

I have been thinking about Keith Ellison's campaign for the U.S. Congress. If he wins he would be the first Muslim to win a seat in Congress. He is running in Minnesota as a Democrat. Minnesota has a long history of being progressive. I was looking at where he stands on issues. He is both pro-choice and pro gay rights.

On Religion and Ethics News Weekly he said:

Look, you know, as a Muslim, you're getting visits from law enforcement officials, and you haven't done anything. You've heard about relatives being stopped in the airport. You feel vulnerable at this time. Do you want to be the one to say who should not have rights, if you understand what I mean?

This is a clear pluralist, sepration of church and state message. I wonder how most Muslims feel about these stances. From the little I know about Islam it does not look favorable at homosexuality or abortion. I wonder if this will keep Muslims from voting for him.

For the most part Muslims have a choice of a political party that shares it's social values, but has objectionable civil rights and foreign policy or a political party that has liberal social policy, but has a chance to improve civil rights and foreign policy.

I wonder how individual Muslim Americans make these political choices.

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