Life and where you live it

Jenny Lewis is playing in San Francisco tonight. The Beauty Shop is playing in San Francisco on Wednesday night. If I lived in San Francisco I would be going to see one or both of these shows. The problem is that I do not live in San Francisco, I live in San Jose. I was already in San Francisco last night. I feel bad about going there more than once a week. It feels like a lot of time and gas to be spending getting around.

While I was driving around San Francisco last night I was asking myself why don't I live there now. For a long time I have been saying that it is because the daily commute from the city to TiVo would kill me. I think that is only one of the reasons. A bit reason is because I am pretty comfortable in the south bay. It is never easy to disturb a comfortable life.

Maybe it is time for a new Pro-Con list about moving into the city.


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