Back in the old Hometown

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I am back in Warminster, PA. It is a midsized suburb about an hour north of Downtown Philadelphia. I am back sleeping in the house I grew up in. That is always a little strange.

I feel a connection to my parent's house, but I know it is not my place. There are things that change and things that stay the same. I know that I lived in my parents house a little too long. I was 26 by the time I moved out. I did not move out until I could get clear of the whole area. I looked at moving out before that, but when I decided to move out west I knew just getting out of the house would delay the greater move.

The whole area feels a little like the house I grew up in. I still feel a connection and love for this place, but it is not my place. I know my family would like me to move back. I feel a little jealous of them. I have to travel so far to see them and they are all around here. It would be nice to see them more often.

I know if I moved back here I would have to start all over again. It has been more than 8 years now. I could not just walk back into my old life. That time has passed. I am not the same person and neither are my old friends. If I moved back here I would have to put together a whole new life for me. I have some building blocks already in place, but it does not mean it would be easy.

I will try to write while I am here, but being home takes up so much of my mental space, it is hard to stop and find time to blog. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet. I need to get on that.


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