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Awhile ago I decided that I wanted to get more of my photos on Flickr 100 views. I have created a set on Flickr for photos that I think deserve 100 views. You can come over to flickr and tell me if you agree or not. I think these photos are better than the amount of attention they have received so far.

There are a few different types of rewards on Flickr, Interesting, Views, Favorites, and Comments. Views have always been the reward that has been the most important to me. To me, what I really care about is how many people see my photos.

For most people on Flickr the most important reward is Interestingness. It has become a way to measure how good photos are against the Flickrverse of users. It is not that important to me because I do not think I am a great Photographer. When I look at my photos that are some of the most interesting photos, I do not think they are my best photos. I feel that I am rewarded for whimsy most of the time. Here are my photos that rank in the most interesting for specific days. I know that people even go as far as to game the system to get more interesting.

I would like to have about 25% of my photos to have 100 views. Right now about 16.5% of my photos have 100 views. I know this is a meaningless measurement. I know there are no meaningful measurements when it comes to my photos. I know that most of my photos I place on flickr are not great. My photos are about what I see in my life more than trying to take great photos. Even if they are not great photos, I still want people to look at them.

Here is some random data about my photos.

Total Photos Posed: 4230
Photos with 100 views: 700
Photos with 200 views: 285
Photos with 1000 views: 28
Percent of photos with 100 Views: 16.5
Number of views for photo ranked 2115: 37
Photos who at last 1 persons counts as a favorite: 454
2115th most interesting Picture
Total Photostream Views 90,279


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