Christmas Vacation: Team Spirit
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I have been back at my parents house long enough for it to feel like I have been here a long time, yet there are a whole bunch of things I did not get done. I did not take many pictures while I was here. I would have loved to go out and photography Christmas decorations. I just did not find to the to do it. There are lots of things that I wish I could have done.

On the other hand I feel like I have been away from work forever. I am hoping things have been smooth when I have been away from the office. My guess is that they have been, but you never know. I do not want to be too buried in work when I get back.

It was good to see my family. it is a same that I only see them once or twice a year. I do not see that changing as long as I live in San Jose. It is hard for me to travel to see them and harder for them to travel to see me.

I did not spend much time in Philadelphia on this trip. It would have been nice to get into the city more. I just ended up staying out in the suburbs. I had so many little family events I just did not have the time to get away for a long enough time.

The hard part is being away from my own bed. I am happy to be sleeping in the guess bed at my parents' house, but it is still not my bed. I often find myself almost falling out of it. It has been a long time since I would rather sleep away from my home.

I am looking to get back to San Jose. As much as I like this area, I still have a home of my own to get back to.


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