Warminster, PA

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I grew up in a suburban Philadelphia township, Warminster. My family is still there. I end up going back from time to time. I enjoyed growing up in Warminster. I had friends and it was the kind of place where my parents were not to afraid to let a child go around on neighborhood on his own. Some of the best times where when I was on my bike just exploring.

My friend Bill told me to take lots of Photos of Warminster on this trip. He and I went to high school together. We wasting much of our youth driving around Warminster in his blue van, The Bag-O-Donuts mobile, looking for adventure. Bill said he wanted me to take photos of Warminster so he could remember the place.

The thing about Warminster is that I cannot think of photograph that can sum it up. I cannot think of a shot in the town where I can say, "That Is Warminster." I might be missing something, but it is very hard for me to take photos of Warminster.

There are not many photos of Warminster on flickr, If you search for Warminster you will see mostly photos from the UK and the town my town was named after. It is like there is little out doors in Warminster worth taking photos of.

I wanted to take photos of Christmas lights when I went home this year. I just did not find the time. Maybe the next time I go home I should take photos of all the places in Warminster that were important to me.


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