Writing with Dialup

For some reason I find it hard to blog from my parents house. My parents do not have WiFi or DSL. I am stuck using 31200 bps dial up connection back to my provider. It is not even a quick connection. None of their neighbors have a wireless network I can see from their home. I thought it would be a bad idea to wardrive their neighborhood looking for an open network.

What surprises me is how hard it is for me to blog using dial up. The computer is the same, it is just the connection it different. I am so on line and connected when I blog. It is hard to do it with a slow connection. It takes me forever to find a link. I takes me forever to look at other pages to get an idea of what to write.

The weird thing is the connection speed effects my attention span and my writing. I should be able to just open a text editor and blog at the same speed. For some reason it is not that simple. Blogging has become a connected event for me.


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