A Year In Photography Part 1 - Best Photo of 2006

July 23: Fire Sunset
Originally uploaded by earthdog.
I think this is my best photograph of 2006. I took this driving back from Comic Con in San Diego. We were detoured off I-5 because of a brushfire in the hills. It was hot and hazy to start with. There was a lot of smoke in the air. I had heard other photographers talk about taking sunsets after fires before.

Traffic was really slow. I dropped far behind the car in front of me. Knew the car would fit into the photo. I grabbed my camera and snapped some photos. It is always fun to use my steering wheel as a tripod.

The photos turned out great. I played with the colors until I got what is above. The colors just jumped out at me. The funny thing is that this photo is not like most of my photos. Some times I try to capture some beautiful, but it is not what I am doing most of the time. It makes clear that a good percentage of photography is just having your camera ready when you need it.

I am happy I took this photo. When I started 2006 I could not have predicted I would take a photo like this. I like the idea that I do not know what the future has for me.

I am happy I took this photo.


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