Fixing College Footbal

I watched the BCS Bowl game. The game was a real let down. I think if this game was during the season the outcome would have been different. I thought Ohio State was way out of their rhythm. It has been too long since they have played. Such a long layoff cannot give a real reading for who the better team is. The underdog has won 7 of the 9 BCS title games. I think that shows that the game does not produce a real champion.

I really do not care all that much about college football. College football and the bowl game system is old. They go back before coast to coast travel. To me it does not matter all they much if there is a real national champion.

People say there needs to be a real national champion. If that it true, lets make it really fair. To make it really fair you not only need to overthrow the bowl system but all of the traditions of college football. You need to really remake the system. That is the only way it would be fair.

1) Uniform Conferences - Make all the conferences have 12 teams, 2 divisions, and a conference championship game.

2) Get Rid of the polls - The polls are meaningless. There is no need for sports writers, Athletic Directors, or Coaches to tell us who is the best. That will be decided on the field.

3) Every conference gets and automatic bid - Right now there are 6 BCS conferences and and 5 non BCS conferences. This is how Boise when undefeated and did not get into the title game. Either these schools are in the same Division or they are not. If they are they need to have an automatic bid.

4) No At Large Bids - If a team does not win their conference they cannot be the champ. I know there are at large bids in basketball, but you can play baseketball three days a week. Football is limited to once a week, so it needs to be tougher.

5) Uniform Schedule - Every team would play 11 game. The top teams would play in the Championship game. This would make every team entering the playoffs have played 12 games.

6) No more padding the Schedules - Teams can only play other teams that are in automatic bid conferences. No more playing I-AA teams. No more playing teams that are not in your league. Take the scheduling duties away from the coaches and athletic directors. Set up a system where either the conference does all the scheduling or there is an overall scheduling authority. Have the best teams play the best teams. In the long run it would be good for college football in the long run.


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