Legend and Facts

I was watching Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl on HBO. The show is Robert Wuhl teaching a college history class. The show is all about the difference between history and what really happened. He had the idea that history is just pop culture.

He illustrates this point with a quote from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance "The Man When the Legend becomes fact, Print the Legend." This is such a great quote.

I usually hate movies based on history. Any of my friends can attest to how much I hate JFK. It gets so much history wrong, it just drives me crazy. Some of my movie making friends tell me that the director as the duty to make a good movie, not a duty to history. That always drives me crazy. I was in college when JFK came out. I cannot tell you how many people I was in college with thought JFK was the truth.

In another 200 year, if the world is still around, more than enough people will think that the movie JFK shows history how it was. I think that is why film makers have a duty to get history right.


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