V and the Art of Story Telling

I watched V for Vendetta last weekend at home. I saw the movie when it was out in the theater. I like the movie when it was in the theaters. I found it to be smart and well made.

I knew it was going to be different than the comic and I think that was to the benefit to the movie. They are really hard to compare to each other. I loved the comic when it came out. It is on my
100 Things I love about comics list
. I know some people hate the movie because they loved the comic. I had an easy time seeing them as two different works of art.

Watching V for Vendetta again I noticed something that I did not see in the theater. The best parts of the movie are the flashbacks. What is happening in the present is not anywhere as interesting as what happened in the past. I know in a story about the future is it often good to find out what is happening by looking at the past.

The very best part of the movie is right before the end where the police detective puts everything together. He sees how all the parts fit together. What he is talking about does not describe the images, he just complements the images.

I think this is an interesting way to tell a story. As a writer I love the idea of the story within the story. I love to use flashbacks within flashbacks. I love the idea that life is really just made up of other stories. V for Vendetta made me think about that. They do a good job of making the flashbacks compelling.


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