A Year In Photography Part 2 - 365 Project

June 7: graffiti budda
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I failed one of my goals for 2006. I tried for the second time to take a photograph every day for a year. I know lots of people who try challenges like this. It is long enough that it hard, but it is not a lot of work. You just need to make sure you do it everyday. It is about being thoughtful.

I first tried this in 2004. That time I only got a month into the project before I failed. That was before I was a flickr user. I was interested in Digital photography at the time, but I did not know anyone else doing the same thing.

This year I thought it was a good time to try this again. In 2005 I really got into digital photography. I started using Flickr a lot in 2005. I started to meet a lot of people doing digital photography. It seemed like the right project for 2006.

The project started off well. Flickr is the perfect tool for a project like this. Not only did I have a place to put all my photos. I also had a good way to show the photos month by month. It helped me keep track the photos.

I failed at the start of August. I cannot remember why I failed, why I missed some days. My guess is that the living of my life distracted me from taking my camera everywhere with me. I currently not even sure what days I missed. I know that I stopped posting photos from everyday.

This year I will try again. I will try to take a photograph everyday. I will try to find new things to take photographs of. I will try to find new things to take photos of. I will try to cover as much new territory as possible.

Here are my month by month photo a day sets from 2006. I made sets for the months that I failed also. I want to see how many days I missed total. I think it might help me in 2007.

2006 365

January 2007


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