Network Effect of Dating

The long standing question for me is, "How do I meet women?" When I ask this question I mean, "How do I meet women who are available and interesting in dating?" I have never been good at answering this question. I was not good at finding interesting women even when they were all around me. I know a few people who think that it is almost impossible to meet that person once you are out of school. That is a depressing idea.

Both Andrew and Peter have been telling me that I need to work on the Network Effect. They both have the same play for meeting women. Here is the plan:

1. Become friends with women
2. Go to parties with the women you are now friends with
3. Meet their friends at the party.
4. Have your female friends endorse you to the women you met at the party
5. Go on dates with the women you have met at the parties.

I have never been able to put this kind of plan into action for myself. I have a handful of female friends. When I tell them about this idea they live me the "I hope he does not ask me for help on this one" look. Most of them tell me that the theory is not going to work. The answers from my female friends range from, "I do not have any female friends" to "I would not wish my female friends on anyone" to "I don't get involved with other people's love lives."

Maybe part of the first part of the plan needs to become, "become friends with women who hang out with single women." This idea will clearly not work with my current group of female friends.

I wonder if this is reflection of what my female friends think of me. If you would not date someone, would you tell your friends about the?

If anyone has a good idea of how I can meet single women, let me know. I need to go on some dates. I think it would be good for me.


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