Super Picks

Time for a little Super Bowl post. I think the Super Bowl will be good this year. I am picking the Colts in win the game. I think they have a stronger offense and I see them going up and down the field on the Bears.

Lets break down the other ways people pick Super Bowl Winners:

Animal v. Animal: Winner Colts
Most people think that a Bear would beat a Colt in a straight out fight. This is true, but a cult would not get in a straight fight with a Bear. They would run right past the Bear. I think that will happen in this game.

Best Shopping City: Winner Chicago
I have never heard of anyone going to Indianapolis to go shopping before

Best Food: Winner Chicago
Chicago Style Pizza, Stock Yards, Chicago style hot dog, Rush Street. I Know nothing about Food from Indianapolis.

Best Uniforms: Winner Colts
This is a close one. I like the Bears Colors better, but the Colts have a more classic style.

I would rather visit: Chicago
I have been to both cities. Chicago is a world class city. Indianapolis is a little boring

Best Commercials: Winner Colts
The Peyton Manning Master Card commercials are great. These are currently the best commercial with any NFL player in it. They are better then Brian Urlacher's Nike or Chunky Soup commercials.

Best Sports Karma: Winner Colts
Indianapolis has never won a pro championship.
Chicago has a championship this Decade.
They both have one Super Bowl win, but the Bears are more recent.
Both head coaches are African-American and will be the first to win a Super Bowl.
Peyton Manning is the best player in the NFL without a Super Bowl win.

There is it the Indianapolis Colts win the Alt Picks 4-3. Tell me if there is anything else I should think about.


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